Friday, August 30, 2013

High Five for Friday ...


My blog has turned into just H54F posts ... Hmmm I really need to work on that.

1. Saturday night I actually got Jen to drink! This is a rare experience. 
I can probably count how many times she has drank with me on one hand (not including High School - That doesn't count)

2. Tuesday I babysat the tiny G's. B asked me to build him a lego house. He went down the hall and I dumped the bin on the floor. B comes back in the living room and says "You have to clean all that up. I am serious!" It was hard to keep a straight face. This kid is awesome! 

3. Jess, Wes and A became famous this week. At least locally ... sort of. 
They were interviewed for a news segment about vaccinations while playing in the City Garden.  

4. Last night GSIO said good bye to Kim Barry and Debbie. 
Good luck ladies on your new ventures! Keep in touch! 

5. Happy Birthday Mrs. Carson! 

What exciting things happened in your world this week? I want to know ... Post belowI am nosey like that.

Friday, August 23, 2013

High Five for Friday ...


It's finally Friday! This week really dragged on and on for me. Here are some highlights ...

1. Happy 31st Birthday to my best friend and "sister". I love you! 
Don't forget to eat a big lunch so we can get wasted tonight! 
2. Taking a PTO day just to shop ... Yes please! 

3. Date with my boyfriend! I cannot believe I ate something 
covered in wing sauce in front of him. What I mess! 

4. I finally watched 'When Harry Met Sally'. 

5. Sheets! 

What exciting things happened in your world this week? I want to know ... Post belowI am nosey like that.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Our First Month ...


Today marks Wade and my one month anniversary! Yea I know ... One month big deal. But it really is a big deal. This past month I have been the happiest I have ever been. So let's review some highlights ...

1. Our first date! - Wade had planned to take me to the Dubliner. I was SO nervous. It had been a long time since I went on a first date. When he arrived at my condo, I showed him my place. We ended up talking from the time he got there until 1:40am! We never left my condo! And it was the best first date. :-)

2. Meeting my bff and bff's husband - I am not sure why I needed Wes' approval, but I really wanted him to like Wade. I love the idea of couples outings ... like dinners, float trips, vacations. So Wes' approval was a must. Jess met Wade the night before Wes. She liked him! So I was pretty sure Wes would too. And he did! I received a text on my way home from dinner saying "Wes approves".

3. Meeting Wade's parents and sister - I was probably more nervous to meet Wade's family then I was for our first date. His family is close and I really wanted them to like me. I feared they would hate me and our relationship would fizzle out as a direct effect. Thank goodness they all like me! His family is so sweet and funny. I laughed so much on the car ride back to his parents house. I am looking forward to seeing them all again.

4. Knowing he wants the same things as I do - It is no secret I want to be a momma. I have dreamed of having kids since I was little. I REALLY want to get married and have kids. Preferably in the order! Wade is a romantic and also wants to get married and have kids. Not saying we are getting married or having kids, but it is great to know that you are on the same page with someone. 

5. Flowers! - This lucky girl really hit the jackpot with such a romantic guy. Only a couple weeks into this relationship, Wade sent me flowers. Such a surprise. Gold star for my handsome boyfriend!

Happy one month anniversary hun! :-)

Friday, August 16, 2013

Road to Happiness ...

(You guys get a two for one today!)

Over the last few weeks I have not blogged, mostly because a lot has changed. All for the better, but it is still sort of hard to put it in "black and white".

I want to start by saying my intentions are never to hurt anyone. If you are reading this, I really hope one day you will believe me. I only wanted to be happy and not miserable anymore. I personally made myself miserable. I let myself believe for years that I could make someone want the same things as I did. Then when my dreams were shattered by infertility, I let myself believe that I was fine with not pursuing other fertility options and remaining in a relationship that I felt lost in. I was so wrapped up in what I wanted and since that wasn't an option I completely shut down. I can't blame anyone but myself for the destruction of the relationship I was in. At one point I do believe he loved me. Deep down I think he still does. Just not the girl that is standing here today. He loves the 24 year old girl he met that September day. I am not that girl anymore. I haven't been her in a long time. And I shouldn't be that same girl at 31. Unfortunately we didn't grow together or want the same things. I will forever be grateful for the time I spent with him, what I learned about myself, and for the lessons I learned.

So that brings us too ...

A few weeks ago I met an awesome guy. I wasn't sure if I wanted to actually go on a date with him because I was still stuck in my head ... my miserable existence. I had already caused one person to hate me because I was miserable all the time. Did I really want this guy to think I was a horrible bitch too? So after talking to some friends it was decided that I could use this as free dinner. Sorry Wade! But we actually never left my condo. We talked for hours. About everything from our childhoods, family, friends, my need to get married and have kids. Shockingly he didn't run away screaming in horror! I wasn't sure if he would call me or text me ever again, but he did. This guy likes me! Crazy since I still don't believe I am worth someone liking.

I don't think you should find your happiness within someone else, but I do think someone should make you happy. Wade makes me happy. And I am actually happy with me ... probably for the first time ever. You will hear more about him in future blogs, so I won't bore you with his awesomeness too soon. :-)
My handsome boyfriend and me at Harpo's 
... I may or may nor have drank way to much!

High Five for Friday ...


OMG it has been a month since I posted a H54F. I am so sorry on the blog slacking.

1. I bought the funniest grocery bag yesterday at Whole Foods. Thank you Jason for bringing me a long! The break from the office was nice. Just one more reason I love my dude. 

2. Last night I went to Jason's for pizza and games. So much fun! I met a few new people and hopefully we will all hang out again. Also Rachel was there! She is so sweet.

3. B started Kindergarten this week. It is absolutely amazing how this tiny baby grew into this awesome kid. Good Luck B! Love you so much little dude!

4. A is on her way to the Olympics! Ms. Thing started real gymnastics this week. So excited for her! 
She is a natural and can't wait to see how far she takes her gymnastics journey!

5. I don't really have a reason for sharing this picture. Other than I love these dudes. I am not the easiest person to get along with, but these guys were determined to be my friends. They invited me out a lot and kept at it even when I constantly would say "I am busy". I love them for that.  

What exciting things happened in your world this week? I want to know ... Post belowI am nosey like that.