Friday, September 20, 2013

High Five for Friday ...


Last week I totally forgot to post my H54F. So you all get a double dose.

1. Hi-Ho "Cheerios" with A and B. There is seriously nothing better than hanging out with these two characters. A was annoyed with me because I made her play by the actual rules and not HER rules. Apparently she thinks that the world revolves around her. 
Hmmm ... Wonder what gave her that impression. ;-)

2. Surprise J. Crew gift card. Thank you G's! 
Even though I would watch the tiny ones for nothing, I do appreciate the gift. 
Now what to buy?! 

3. Coffee mornings. Lisa is probably my favorite person I work with. 
Not only is she a co-worker, but we have become friends. I love hearing stories about Josie and Kimber. And it is great to have someone to confide in that has an unbiased opinion of situations.  

Photo Courtesy of Shannon Egger
4. Shannon and Matt are MARRIED. Thank you so much Mr. and Mrs. Egger for inviting me to your little shindig. Next time though ... make it classy. I mean really! 

5. Pagelly keeping me grounded. 

6. Impromptu lunch with Jen. Congrats on the job girly! 

7. Note from Tony
I. Love. You. You annoy the hell out of me with your logical mind, 
but you are one of the best friend's a girl could ask for. You, my friend are good people. 

8. Chanel decided to help herself to the cat treats. 

Chanel photobomb
9.  So who is surprised that I bought these sexy heels?!

10. I will not share a picture of the text conversation between Jess and I, 
but I wanted to publicly thank her for being totally amazing and understanding me this week. 
I truly believe that people are put in your life for a reason, I just didn't realize that 15 years ago the girl with awesome nails would be the one person that no matter what would "get me". I love you Jess! 
Thank you for your words of clarity and letting me have "today". 

What exciting things happened in your world this week? I want to know ... Post belowI am nosey like that.