Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Just call me Super Sitter ...


One of my favorite things is hanging out with the tiny G's. So it is completely awesome that every Tuesday I get to babysit those crazy kids. I am pretty positive most biological aunts do not spend as much time with their nieces and nephews as I do with my niece and nephew by love and friendship. Not to toot my own horn ... But that makes me pretty awesome!

Babysitting the tiny G's is always an adventure. Honestly you never know what those kiddos will say, do or try to convince you to do for them. We watched TV while eating dinner, snacked on Nutella and pretzels while watching Hotel Transylvania, jumped on the trampoline, and played on the iPad with minimal arguing. I am not going to lie ... I am a pretty fun aunt.

I can even get these kids to do chores. I think I shocked the shit out of Jess when she came home to find out her kids brushed their teeth, were in their pajamas and cleaned up their rooms. Our reward ... Tattoos!

No need to thank me ... I am Super Sitter! My cape is at the cleaners!